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    I am always horny!  I can never look at enough cock or watch enough porn!  I could have sexy every day but I am afraid I might wear out my partners dick if I did.

     Every once in awhile we head to a bar with a backroom and fool around with other guys and every month or so we seem to go to a sex party.  The parties are great and always have a good mix of men.  I don't know what I enjoy more at these things...I love watching other guys fuck and suck, I love to suck on a hot cock while others watch and I can't get enough of being groped in a dark room with hands exploring my body and a finger sliding along my tight little asshole.

     I find group sex very hot!  I love the idea of a hot guy fucking me while I suck on my partners big thick cock.

      I can never seem to get enough of watching my partner feed his cock to some guy.  They see his big thick piece of meat and drop to their knees.  In no time they are begging for him to fuck them.  The sight of his cock sliding up a mans ass drives me crazy!

      I think of myself as being very versatile.  I love to service cock as much as I love to fuck a hot ass.  My partner and I usually find ourselves both being the tops and taking turns fucking a willing new friend.

    I met my partner at a sex party several years ago.  That's probably why I enjoy it so much. 

     Our chemistry when we have sex with just each other is amazing and better than any group scene that I have ever experienced!  But every once in awhile mixing it up with a group is still quite hot.

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