My Weekend with a slave boy

    Just last weekend, I had a slave boy named jim come visit me for a night. We had been talking on and off for a while and he kept begging to come be used by me. He claimed to be a "pain slut" and was willing to do any videos I wanted, to sell on my clips4sale site.  He met me up at a local eating establishment, bought me lunch, and we chatted for about 30 minutes. I went over the safewords, what was expected of him, and rules for the nights fun. I had him opening doors for me from the moment we met, just like a good boy. After a nice meal, I had him follow me to a store and push the cart around while I got what I needed. I grabbed bathroom cleaning supplies, and taunted him with them, as he was the one who would be cleaning my bathrooms in a short while. Once we got to my place, I had him carry all the bags in and gave him a quick tour. He helped me put up the stuff that was bought, and I threw something in the oven for dinner really quick. While it cooked over the next hour, I had slave jim in my 2 upstairs bathrooms, scrubbing and cleaning up the mess other's had left behind. He had to earn play time with me, as he couldn't afford to contribute much more than his participation in the video's. I normally require tribute, and then a small cleaning task, for my time and services.  After he cleaned the showers, I had him take one before dinner was served. After we all had a delicious dinner, the real fun began! As a rule, I always make my toys shower before being allowed to be played with. I tend to bite and I want a clean surface. No smelly slaves are allowed to serve at My feet! I got a camcorder and a tripod to record the following.

    I was wearing one of my favorite wigs, the black and blue mohawk. I had on a tight corset and black opaque leggings, with different shoes throughout the shoots. I told him the red yellow green and purple (feels 2 good,stop for a moment & lemme enjoy this!) safeword system, and informed him I would be asking what his scale of pain was throughout the sessions. 1 being that tickles up to 10, being the highest and most he could take. He claimed to be a "pain slut", so I was very excited to finally be able to unleash my sadist without worrying about hearing a safeword within 15 minutes!  I started him out with some pain play, to see what he could handle. I put this slave through cbt, spanking, flogging, nipple torture, and many other fun things. Almost a full half hour of torture!

    We then took a short break for me to have a smoke. I took him down to the dimly lit basement. He kneeled on the cement floor next to the nice comfortable chair I sat down in. I got one of my favorite gag's out and used the ashtray attachment. It's my favorite because it has a few different attachments! There's the dildo, toilet scrub brush, duster, and some other fun things. The gag is pretty good, but this slave boy had a big enough mouth to fit it just fine. I enjoyed almost 2 whole cigarettes while the boy behaved just fine and made me a very happy Domme.  He may just have the ashes in his mouth instead of an ashtray next time, or would you rather volunteer for that kneeling position?  I'd enjoy putting the cherry out on your tounge. *WEG*

    He grabbed Me a water bottle and a cup of sweet tea for himself as we headed back up to my play room. I tied him up on my massage table so his legs were spread wide and his feet were attached to the legs of the table, so he couldn't move them. Then I tied his hands up behind and beside him. I picked Ms KNOTTY Perv for a few reasons, one of them being I LOVE making knots. I do jewelry, bondage, and it's a play on the word naughty of course. I then went at his helpless body with some of my favorite toys. I put on gloves, as I always do when playing with nasty disgusting pig boys. I focused more on his cock and balls in this second pain session. Don't think I forgot those nipples, still sensitive after our first play time less than an hour ago. I scratch all the flesh that is showing, bite him hard in many places, and pull his hair as I whisper the kinky things I'm going to do to him. I flogged his back, chest, thighs, and balls. I can't really get to his tiny cock unless I push his balls back, which I surely did a few good times. I used clothespins all over his sensitive spots and slapped him so hard with my hands that he made some very nice noises. You see, my Sadistic side REALLY enjoys causing pain to willing participants, and the more moans cries and please you make, the wetter My panties become! I love when I can push the limits and let you fall down the brink of subspace. Anyhow, back to my fun night with slave jim!

    My little slave jim really has a big foot and shoe fetish (as do I), so after we took a short breather I had him laying on his back while I sat above him on the massage table. I dangled my booted feet above his head and made him beg to be allowed the privalege of worshiping them. He did all the things a good foot worshipping slave would do, including kissing, licking, and sucking on my boots. I let him take them off, then massage my bare feet. He took his time with each long toe, the high arch, and the heels. They were sweaty and smelly, just the way he adored them and the only way he deserved to get them. He eagerly begged to be my foot slave and suck on all of my toes at once. I stuffed my entire 5 toes into his open mouth and he stuck his tounge between each toe and sucked them like a good boy. After about a ten minute video, I decided I wanted to trample him. I had him turn onto his belly and walked all over him for a few minutes. He's texted me that he's craving more of my torture and attention many times.

    To end the night, I did one of my all time favorite things in this lifestyle, and crossdressed the boy. As with any virgin, I was eager to pop his cherry! I always dress up my little girlies in pink the first time I doll them up. Now this is a bigger person, so I was happy I had stuff to fit him. I ended up picking a tube top to cover his size a titties, pink granny panties to hide her boy parts, pink leggings, and a sexy frilly pink and animal print skirt. I used one of my favorite wigs, the short neon pink bob wig. Then I took the makeup to her and had her show off and tell me how much she enjoyed her time with me. To end the night properly, I gave her one more spanking. It was a good girl spanking, so nothing too intense. Just a nice friendly spanking to show my appretiation for the good behavior and submission. It also serves as a warning of the things I might do if I was displeased.

    I finally finished uploading all these videos, as well as other photo sets and videos from other fun fetish adventures I've had! Check them out at my Clips4Sale Store There is over an hour and a half of videos from our weekend together. While my words may turn you on, if you buy the clips you won't have to use your imagination anymore. I truly had an amazing time with this slave boy, and plan to see him again next weekend!

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