XMAS pic! & I'm updating my images & clips4sale sites!

    These lovely photos were taken for a fake christmas cover for a made up band. There are some with the other people, but I'm the one your here for!

    For the past few hours, I've been working on getting more footage of my sexy adventures up for you! I have to go through a lot of photos, pick my favorites, zip them, then upload them and put the description for each. The video's are even more complicated, as I have to do something to make the file a different format, JUST to be able to upload it to the site. As the video uploads, I type in a description and label it. I'm going to put a few photos from each of my favorite ones later! Make sure to show me how much you love all my hard work by going and buying a video and photo shoot now, like good boys and girls!

    Right now, however, I'm going to upload some XXXMas photos! I like to celebrate every holiday, and Xmas is one of my favorites! Halloween is the number one, as i just LOVE costumes! This is just a present from me, to brighten your mood even if you don't celebrate!




    In this short photo shoot from a few days ago, you get to see me in my Ms Claus outfit! How sexy are my red pumps, candy cane stripped leggings, skirt, bra, hat, and pigtails!?!

     These very naughty elf photos were actually taken last year!

     I love to spread the spirit of the season! Enjoy the gift ;)



    My present to you, other than these sexy photos, is getting a FREE photo set or video with your purchases! Just email me MsKnottyPerv@aim.com and let me know what you have bought from my store, and which one of equal or lesser price you would like as a gift!

    Have a happy holiday season and of course, Happy New Year!



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