Your Sexy Maid

     In this sexy photo shoot I did a few months ago, you get to imagine me as your naughty little maid! I'm not much for cleaning normally, but pay me enough, put me in a sexy costume, and I'll cook your dinner and sit on your lap to feed it to you! These photos contain no actual cleaning, as the photographer was a little distracted by my beauty to even ask me to wash one dish. When it comes to real life cleaning, I can do sweeping, vacuming, dishes, laundry, and cooking. Any scrubbing or bathroom issues you have must be dealt with via a cleaning service :-P LoL

    On the flip side of things, I'm sure many of you are just wishing it was you in my maid's outfit cleaning up My house! This is how it happens more often than not in RL. I have some houseboys who don't really like being feminized, so I put a pair of pants on them with this outfit and have them tuck in the skirt. The boys who want to be my sissy maids are the one's I find the most fun! I get to choose which of my 20 wigs looks best on them, decorate their face with makeup, make them wear sexy lingerie for me, and only allow them to talk in a high pitched voice. Feminizing boys is one of my favorite things, but making them my house maid is the best thing EVER! I will eventually have a full time live in sissy maid. I have one under consideration right now actually. She will be a female around me at all times, have her big clitty in chastity, do all the household chores, go out with me in full female attire, and serve my every wish, desire, and command! Even if I have a full time maid, I'll still take others into consideration! You never know.. Your fantasy could become a reality!

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